Xorooms: Scuba Diving in Goa

Goa is among the few romantic honeymoon destinations of India, where honeymooners come to spend their memorable time after their wedding. Beaches of Goa are the perfect places to enjoy an array of water sports activities. The fun, charm and excitement of these activities provide a memorable experience to a honeymooner during their Goa tour. These sports activities are conducted under the supervision of trained staff which take care of the safety and security of your loved ones. One of the romantic water sports activity of Goa is Scuba Diving.If you think Goa is all about the beaches, clubs, shacks and alcohol, think again!

Scuba diving is perhaps the most amusing water sports of all time, offering us a way to explore the under water life of species. Goa is home to many amazing scuba diving sites and if you are planning a honeymoon trip you must definitely visit our diving locations too. So, if you are looking for a whole new romantic experience underwater,filled with love, fun and thrill, you better start making plans to enjoy an amazing dive underwater. There are a number of diving sites present in Goa that you must dive for sure to unearth the underwater treasure of Goa.

Couple Scuba Diving :
Instructions and Training in the pool from 1 hour in North Goa : from 07.15 am to 08.15 am and Diving under water at sea : 09.00 am to 3.30 pm.

All Equipments (swim suit / fins / mask / oxygen cylinders, etc) would be provided. Also, light snacks would be offered while on the diving trip.

Your day starts with a short briefing explaining the principles of diving and your equipment, followed by a dive in the swimming pool to get used to being underwater. You will learn some basic skills, get comfortable with the dive gear. Once you are comfortable in the water, you will be taken by boat to Grande Islands for your dive under the close, direct supervision of a dive instructor- in the best case scenario the instructor takes two people underwater with him so he can hold on to your tanks, you are never alone underwater. The dives are less than 12 m deep, usually between 6-10 m. The dive time is 20 mins, it could be more or less depending on your comfort level. 
In case you are interested, we can also do an underwater video of your dive trip.  You will need to bring an USB stick, or memory card to copy your photos or video


So Celebrate your love in the enchanting land of sun, sand and water -i.e Goa! and experience the joy as you take a dip in the warm clear waters and indulge in couple scuba diving.

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